Here are a few of the things you may be wondering before you see Vendetta.

What is Vendetta?
It's a Christmas film in the tradition of your favorite 80's cop shows. It's got everything you need to get in the holiday spirit; snowflakes falling, sleigh bells ringing, bullets ricocheting...

Is Vendetta as amazing as I've heard?
Absolutely. To help put it in perspective, we have calculated some helpful comparisons. You could watch the first episode of Vendetta or:

But unlike any of these other options, only Vendetta will change your life from "ho-hum" to "whee!".

Is Vendetta appropriate for Children?
Vendetta could probably get on Network TV these days, but that's not saying much. Aside from a cameo appearance by the "S" word and a heavy dose of bloody violence, it's totally kosher.

Is Santa Real?

Can I get a DVD copy?
Yep, we're giving away DVD's. Just follow the instructions on the front page.

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