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2003-08-31 17:33:35
Small Question
I don't know wether I'm just stupid or missing something but, At the beggining to episode2 there's several scenes showing stuff that supposedly happened on the previous episode. Now here's the thing, I watched the full first episode and didn't see any of that except the scene with Jesus and Santa in the van. Am I missing something(if so I want to see it, this is great stuff) or does this stuff just not exsist and just put in for some weird reason?

Anonymous Coward
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2003-09-03 16:05:42
Re: Small Question
It's called satire. The did it on purpose. DUH!

Actually, I thought the same thing, and then I realised how absurd it all was and almost peed my pants laughing.

Anonymous Coward
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2003-10-25 19:22:30
Re: Small Question
As I wrote a year ago:

"At first I was kind of annoyed and confused when Episode 2 began, and behind the voiceover explaining that we were seeing scenes from Episode 1, we were seeing scenes that definitely were not in Episode 1. Then the absurdity of it sunk in and I almost peed, I was laughing so hard."

Or, as I posted in the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.santaism (which is a place where I think more _Vendetta_ fans should hang out):

"Yes, the story has trailer-truck sized holes in it. Laugh at them! It's clear that at least some of those inconsistencies were deliberately written in by the producers. Your chain is being pulled. Appreciate that yanking sensation."

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