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Anonymous Coward
posted at
2003-11-14 23:34:46
Digital effects
Hi im a video editor and camera man and i am doing some filming for a movie for some people but i was wondering what program you used to get the excellent gun shots etc which are very convincing ?

Jonathan "Mc Keegan" Field
posted at
2004-06-15 22:31:24
Re: Digital effects
I actually drew the gunflashes by hand using Painter 4. There's certainly better programs now, but back then it was pretty decent. The reason I think they look good is that I didn't just draw the gunflash by throwing down some white blob. I used a little faint yellow, and I blended it into the rest of the frame with a bit of smearing effect. Then the icing on the cake was to use a dodging (lighting) tool to cast a bit extra light on nearby objects so that it looked like the flash was casting light in the room. Usually this would be done by lightening the shooters face, arms, and upper body slightly.

There were over 200 gunflashes in the first episode, so this was a lot of work :)

My partner in crime Brendan Powell Smith edited much of episode 2 and added the gunflashes using the same basic technique, but with Paint Shop Pro, I think. It's not really the software -- any half decent paint program can be used. It's all in the technique :)

Good luck!

Sic Coyote
posted at
2004-11-18 04:00:44
Re: Digital effects
I'll be using PSP to do the gun shots in our ( new film Spaghetti Winshill, unfortunatly one of the jokes is they shoot a damn lot with those '6' shooters, so it's going to be a bit of work, I was going to convert the film to a lossless huff file then take out the frame I needed edit it then paste it back into the video replacing the frame that I took it from, should look good, then I can get on to finishing AT2.

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