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Anonymous Coward
posted at
2004-11-28 10:34:42
dvd release?
i remember seeing vendetta a christmas story for the very first time when first linked to this site, when only the first episode was available on this site. now i'm starting to wonder, there are a lot of people into vendetta, considering there is now a message board, and a lot of posts and requests for additions to vendetta or at least releases to the public in some way. will vendetta ever be released on dvd or at least put on dvd in an online store?

Jonathan "Mc Keegan" Field
posted at
2004-12-04 16:14:48
Re: dvd release?
Oh yeah -- we're working on it. I realize Christmas is just a few weeks away, but the site has just been updated with better quality video, and I'll be putting up a DVD offer in a few days...

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