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Kevin Railsback
posted at
2001-12-28 07:56:05
Vendetta The Series
I've been rolling this around ever since I saw the first episode of Vendetta. Why don't the indi-filmmakers that are fans of Vendetta create their own episodes of Vendetta? I just think it would be fantastic if we had people from all over putting their own twists on the Vendetta story. Everyone would have a "Precinct" It'd be like in my case... Vendetta-CRIA For Cedar Rapids Iowa, the armpit of the country. Just a thought. Vendetta has really inspired me

Anonymous Coward
posted at
2001-12-28 23:01:01
Re: Vendetta The Series

If people start making their own episodes of Vendetta, we can sue them all and we'll have finally made some money off of this project! Huzzah!


-The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith

The Reverend
posted at
2001-12-28 23:04:58
Re: Vendetta The Series
Hey! Don't use my name if you're not me, anonymous coward!

Good idea about suing people, though...

-Rev. Smith

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