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2002-04-16 11:01:24
Vendetta 2 is just as awesome as the Original Vendetta...
Just d/l'ed Vendetta 2 and watched it with a coworker at the office. This is awesome. It has answered alot of unanswered questions that raised in Part 1.
I always thought our Mel Brooks in his comedies are spoofing other movies and characters. But John and the Vendetta Crew reinvents spoofing. A job well done.

Near the ending where is "The Chief" was killed by Mr & Mrs Claus was hilariously funny and quite an overkill? Even if he has 9 lives like a cat, he would of still been dead. Kinda like the scene in Untouchable where Sean Connery was killed and the scene in The Rock where Ed Harris was killed. I would thought "The Chief" would of quoted the same line said by Sean Connery to Kevin Costner in The Untouchable, "What are you prepared to do?"

Anyhow this was a much anticipated sequel and it was not a let down like other movie sequels. Excellent work John, Brandon, Sean, Lauren, Thomas and whomever I have failed to named. My apologies but congratulations on a job well done.

In conclusion, who the heck was that Ninja? Who was he working for? Was he working for Jesus or some other unidentified entity that also wants the book but has yet to appear in either episodes?

So I take it that everyone is dead? The Chief, MeKeegen, Derrickson, Mr & Mrs. Claus, and Jesus?

David "The Chief" O'Malley
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2002-04-25 15:27:39
Re: Vendetta 2 is just as awesome as the Original Vendetta...
Part of the original Vendetta premise was that all of the main characters would die in each episode, yet would somehow be restored to life for the next episode. This concept pre-dated South Park's "They killed Kenny!" gag by at least a few months. So, if we ever get around to filming another episode, we'll have to die all over again.

Originally, there may have been some kind of backstory or setup for the Ninja (Jon or Brendan would know more about this than I would). It was probably decided that a sudden, completely unexplained appearance would be funnier.

Thanks for watching,
Dave O'Malley

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2002-09-23 22:39:28
Re: Vendetta 2 is just as awesome as the Original Vendetta...
I thought the unexplained appearence of the ninja was funnier than if he had a reason. All this dying and coming back reminds me of your average multiplayer shooter game (a la Quake 3).

Anonymous Coward
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2006-02-03 23:33:19
Dave O'Malley....
Dave O'Malley-Im trying to contact you!!!!!!

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Anonymous Coward
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2006-02-20 21:43:38
Re: Vendetta 2 is just as awesome as the Original Vendetta...
Wow this movie sucks almost as bad as mine

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