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2002-09-09 20:46:12
High Praise!

I'm a fan of Brendan's Lego work, the Brick Testament. I just found Vendetta today and watched both episodes, back to back. I've only laughed this hard one other time in the past few years, and that was when I saw Robin Williams.

At first I was kind of annoyed and confused when Episode 2 began, and behind the voiceover explaining that we were seeing scenes from Episode 1, we were seeing scenes that definitely were not in Episode 1. Then the absurdity of it sunk in and I almost peed, I was was laughing so hard.

I have some friends and some family members who won't appreciate Vendetta. Pity for them. I'm going to show it to everyone who will appreciate it!

(P.S., please rip an AVI file from Episode 2.)

John Ladasky

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