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Anonymous Coward
posted at
2003-05-16 19:35:54
a stupid question
how do people get shot, or, in santas case, fall off a roof, and then are still alive? it doesnt make sense, i.e. santas mom is shot, twice actually, and still is alive and kicking till she gets popped at the end. whats up with that?

Dogplatter Enterprises
posted at
2004-12-26 14:01:19
Re: a stupid question
A) It's his wife who gets shot in the initial scene, not his mother. His mother gets shot at position 23-H-15 by the sniper.

B) The film is fiction. In fiction people can return from the dead, can't they?

Jonathan "Mc Keegan" Field
posted at
2004-12-31 08:22:55
Re: a stupid question
One of the original concepts for the show was that a major character would be killed in each episode, and that they would reappear the next episode without explanation.

In fact, during the opening credits, McKeegan shoots his partner Derrickson in the gut at point blank range. This happens in every single episode. Even in the brief Pilot episode, Derrickson is shot and killed twice.

Perhaps this is intended as an insightful social commentary on our cultures desensitization to violence and death and denial of it's consequences.

Or perhaps we just liked shooting people because it's fun and didn't feel like doing the work of creating new characters all the time :)

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